Sunday, December 16, 2007

Looking backwards.

It's more than 20 years ago that I did a comic for TINA.
A comic-magazine for girls. Most of the magazine had (and still has)
these typical semi-realistictly drawn girl-comics about horses,
make-up, popstars and so on.
My comic was one of the few in a cartoon style.
A few weeks ago I got an email from the magazine that they found
some of my old originals in the archives.
And they were going to send them to me.

An example of what I did for a living 20 years ago.

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Ivan Fox said...

I do remember that times. And i specially remember a play that you performed at Teater Sirkel with projections of your drawings a little bit later.

What about working together next year. I'm thinking of you to coach me on the dutch version of my last play "The Dream of Taniperla" this would not make us younger... but can be fun.