Monday, July 09, 2007

A new placemat for restaurant Witloof.

Still in the proces of making.
The team at the table. Eating mussels.
In pencil.

And a remake of the character on the right.
Always fun to draw a geeky character like this.


Leah said...

A geek toast! I love this :).

lisagloria said...

NICE!! Great perspective. I like the remake on the geeky guy - the toast is perfect. What a cool idea for a placemat!

Tina Vaziri said...

Your perspective is perfection, and I love your drawing style. Very nice!

md said...

wow seriously impressive rough illo hope to see it finished.

thefridayfrog said...

awesome, wout! can't wait to see the final...the big guy on the right (looks a bit like baloo from jungle book) is my fav. :))

Anonymous said...

hallo wout,

je presentatie op de academie gisterer was erg interresant! nu ga ik even verder kijken naar je werk op deze website.

groetjes vienne

Little said...

Love it! The perspective is really nice, it shows the entire table with people perfectly. Great job!

~Little Kaori